HELP – Advice for our Members and Guests visiting the NADPO website

Guidance on navigating the NADPO website

  1. If you are not logged in, then the menu bar offers the following options:

2.When you login as a member the menu bar offers the following options:

Registering for membership and renewing annual membership subscription

You can only register a NADPO account once for membership with a particular email address. The account will continue to exist, if not renewed, after membership has expired and can be reactivated by logging in to the dormant account and buying another subscription. Annual membership subscriptions are of 2 types, Personal or Corporate:

  • Personal subscriptions are paid for privately by individuals. We do not need to know whether or not you are subsequently claiming the cost back from a sponsor such as an employer, although the basis of funding may affect whether or not the membership is portable to another employer (that is a matter between you and your sponsor).
  • Corporate subscriptions are paid for by organisations sponsoring one or more individuals. These are paid by a sponsor representing the organisation, who could also join as a member and/or nominate one or more named colleagues. Non-member sponsors also get a login but only for making subscription payments. When someone goes on maternity leave, long term sick leave, or is replaced in post by a successor then employers may wish to assign an unexpired membership to an alternative named person – see discussion below about change of email address.

If you have forgotten your NADPO login password, but still have the same email address as when it was registered, click on “Lost your password” on the login screen or visit and type your email address into the box provided, then click on “Reset password”. An email will be sent to the specified email address, to which you should respond to complete the reset.

If you know your password, but no longer have the email account with which it is associated, but your membership subscription is unexpired, then:

  • you can still log in to your old NADPO account using those credentials as long as you remember the relevant password for the purpose of accessing the members-only document library,
  • however, if you book any event tickets through that NADPO account then any messages arising from that booking and/or annual membership subscription reminders would be sent to the old email address and thus not received.
  • we can transfer any unexpired annual subscription to a continuing NADPO account associated with your new email address. We would of course need to be satisfied that you are the same person, or are legitimately nominated by your company sponsor as substitute.

If you know your password, and still have the same email account, but just wish to change it, then after login visit where you can update your password then click on “Save Changes”. If you attempt to visit this page whilst not logged in it will take you instead to the lost password.