The National Association of Data Protection and Freedom of Information Officers is a professional body that represents individuals or organisations that deal with data protection law; the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations; the Freedom of Information Act; and and the Environmental Information Regulations.


"Powerpoint slides from recent presentations (when available) will be uploaded soon after the relevant event to the members-only document library on the NADPO website and converted to PDF format (which gives added data security).These can be accessed directly by NADPO members logging in to their website account.
Video recordings (where available) cannot be accommodated on the main NADPO website but will be uploaded soon after the relevant event to another site (also controlled by NADPO) for storage. This other site is not directly accessible to members but copies of these recordings can be supplied to NADPO members on request (please email us at digital@nadpo.co.uk specifying the date of the event that you are interested in).
Whilst presentation slides remain copyright of the relevant speaker, webinar video recordings are copyright of NADPO. Items downloaded from either category must not be shared with non-members or published elsewhere unless explicitly authorised by the relevant copyright owner".

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